Парфюмерная вода TONKADE 100мл

"And the ones who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music." Friedrich Nietzsche

Tonkade, the new fragrance of the Laboratorio in Nero collection, was created on the basis of an imaginary dance, a sensual ritual that alternates sweetness and mystery. Ingredients that, just like the sinuous movements of dancers, appear, twirl and then disappear, giving rise to a choral performance that remains engraved in the heart and mind.

The fragrance, which is revealed as soon as the bottle is opened, features the floral notes of Neroli, the spicy notes of Cardamom and the soft notes of the Tonka Bean. A warm heart of Cedar, Vanilla and Patchouli announces a background characterised by dry amber woods that, combined once again with the coils of the Tonka Bean, make this fragrance intriguing and mysterious. It's addictive…

Верхние ноты: бобы тонка, кардамон, нероли, сухофрукты
Ноты сердца: ваниль, кашмеран, кедр, пачули
Базовые ноты: амбра, бобы тонка, ваниль, ладан, мускус


Парфюмер: Marie Duchêne

Характер: Восточный

Характер: Древесный

Характер: Пряный

Объем: 100ml

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